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Master SunZhiJun And Chunling Li

Master SunZhiJun

Personal Profile

Sun Zhijun. Born in 1933 in Chengjia Village, Shenxian County, Hebei Province, he was the same village as Cheng Tinghua, the founder of the eight Diagrams Association. Before and after my childhood, I worshipped three teachers, Liu Ziyang (a high disciple of Cheng Dianhua), Cheng Sheng (nephew of Cheng Dianhua and son of Cheng Dianhua) and Cheng Youxin (second son of Cheng Tinghua). The footwall bagua palm is cheng Sheng teacher strict teaching and become. He specializes in school bagua and Hebei Xingyiquan. He has been practicing martial arts for more than 60 years and has deep attainments in eight diagrams.

Personal Achievement

Inheritor Of National Intangible Cultural

In 1983, he was selected as the representative of the contemporary Cheng School bagua Zhang in the excavation and arrangement of traditional martial arts organized by the Chinese Wushu Association. He unreservedly devoted his martial arts skills to the public in the form of videos and manuscripts.

In 1964, Mr. Sun Zhijun won two gold MEDALS of baguazhang and apparatus in the Beijing Wushu Championship. In 1983, he won the gold medal at the National Traditional Martial arts Observation and Exchange Conference and was rated as the National Excellent Martial arts athlete. In 2004, as a Chinese wushu athlete, she won two gold MEDALS of Bagua and Dao Shu in the first World Traditional Wushu Competition in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

In 1982, Mr. Sun Zhijun began to work as the coach of the International Class (Baguazhang) in Beijing Dongcheng Martial Arts School for nearly ten years. In 1983, he was rated as “Excellent instructor” in the national selection of thousands of excellent instructors in martial arts. For many years at home and abroad, students everywhere. He went to Japan twice for martial arts exchange. In 1992, 1993 and 2005, he went to Singapore for three times to teach, give lectures and teach art, and introduced the eight Diagrams skills of the Cheng School to Singapore. In 2006, he went to Korea to give art, which has a wide influence.

Master SunZhiJun’s Calligraphies